In Demóler we use the latest demolition machines to perform all sorts of jobs. Our method has many advantages over traditional demolition methods:

  • These machines use electricity, so it does not emit polluting or harmful fumes to workers or staff who works indoors, while respecting the environment
  • As it does not have combustion engine, does not emit vibrations that may cause landslides.
  • It can be used up to 330 feet away, thanks to its advanced bluetooth remote control system, avoiding interference hazards.
  • In sensitive areas, the operator can maintain all the time the 100% field of view of working area..
  • The machine can be approximated to dangerous areas such as embankments, slopes etc.., with total stability.
  • The power of our machines is five times greater than the proportion of their weight in a conventional demolition machine.
  • Amaizing access to sensitive areas or limited access areas due to its size and weight
  • For particularly sensitive areas, we can incorporate concrete trimmer to not cause vibrations, avoiding cracks in buildings or surrounding walls.
  • We have a device to slow down all operations in case there are pipes or imminent danger of hitting brittle materials.